Elin's Dance New Acoustic

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Elin s Dance by DulcimerGirl TSTmix r1 20 11 19 Uploaded 3mo+10dy ago by TSTstudios

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TSTstudios   commented 3mo+10dy ago

Hopefully a bit more acoustic sounding, and a bit softer

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DulcimerGirl   commented 2mo+27dy ago

Love this. I still need to clean up my dulcimer file. I've been working on an image/poetry book that just went up for sale on BN Press. So now I can get back to this ... I have too many irons in the fire ALL the time. Hope you TD was good!

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DulcimerGirl   commented 2mo+27dy ago

Just read your bio ... I went to Sweden two years ago to meet my cousins. My grandparents were from there. Funny note - my cousin Gunwer has a family in Thailand that she goes to see !!

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TSTstudios   commented 2mo+27dy ago

Haha, the world is small :)