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vocal idea eng mix - 1st verse - for discussion Uploaded 1mo+20dy ago by apolonsky

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peterrand   commented 1mo+20dy ago

Alex, this sounds good to me! Definitely worth continuing with..! Thanks!

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apolonsky   commented 1mo+20dy ago

Great. Full steam ahead. I'll try to carve out time this week, but may not be until next weekend.

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njd3   commented 1mo+20dy ago

you do not do yourself any favors cutting out the lower frequencies. the mix sounds thin and weak and the frequencies that are left will compete with the frequencies of the vocals.

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apolonsky   commented 1mo+20dy ago

I fully plan to leave the mixing to others. This was just a quick and dirty attempt at a vocal concept to make sure Peter was happy with how I was handing his lyrics.