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Thinking of a Man who was at home for 14 days ! No going out ! All he had to eat was Pizza that the Pizza Guy has placed in front of the door and then he has run away to get distance as much as possible ! 

Then one Friday - Freedom and he can go out again ! Maybe taking a walk with the dog or so ! 

This things happen - I do not know where or who but it happens ! 


I have the plan to ask a Bass Player to join ! Maybe .........he has time 

And after this who will know ...........maybe that Guy who has today get back his freedom will join too .........I don't know .........can happen ! Like I have say I do not know who is or where he is but maybe we will find out ..........could be .........could not be .........I do not know ! 

And when you have an idea too please Join if you like ! 


If you have any questions - The answer I give you is  " 42 " !!! 


Oooh and when you are a Jazz Guy not laugh about my Sloppy playing ! Jazz is not so my thing when it come to playing it but freedom is a fine thing and so I can try even when it is not so good as it could or maybe should :-))))

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Genre Jazz Key C Minor BPM 94.0

Collaboration started November 27, 2020 by minime
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