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Help me finish this collaboration. I am currently requesting uploads for the tracks listed below. Feel free to contribute.
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Creative Brief

Work in progress, just a re-hash at present.

Have an idea to place some raps between Chrystal's parts - introspective and meaningful, complimenting her parts - if you think that you can fulfill that then please step forward!


Original notes:

This is a remix of my first collab from two years ago. Before Kompoz. My enduring love and gratitude to Will Krause who understood the story behind Ice, rescued it from obscurity, and made it into something beautiful. Many thanks to Michael Harbour for his bass, thanks to Jim Cavanaugh for polish and praise, and to all of you Kompozers, who make this such a great process!

Music-William Krause
Bass- Michael Harbour
Vocals-C Kafka
(With special thanks to Henk Wormgoor and Marinus for the jam session that inspired the song)

Thanks for listening!


by C Kafka
for Candace Azzolino

Would you be cold
If I told you how I feel
Because my heart
Is overflowing
And tho the chill is still blowing
You'll soon be knowing
I can take away the darkness
That you felt were dealt to you
If you'll just let me help you melt
That Ice

Cold as winter
As I begin to
feel the bitter
In your eyes

It doesn't matter
Who put it there
And it's not as if
I didn't care
All I want to do
Is drift along the pools
Of your azure blues
Your azure blues

You can trust me
I'll take you there
I know the way
Back to that door
I've seen the darkest,
Darkest nights
And I can bring you
To the light

Come on
Take my hand
And tell me
That you want to go

You've got to trust me, now
Hold on tight
You know I'll make it right
I'll take you from
This darkness

And bring the light back
To your blue eyes

So cold
And yet my heart
Is overflowing
My heart
Was overflowing

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Genre Lounge Key G major BPM 67.0 Easy hopeful listening love pop soft

Collaboration started November 29, 2020 by dubrae
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