Long Night Pop/Rock

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Long Night - 2021-02-23 - FINAL MIX CANDIDATE #1 Uploaded 5 days ago by stoman

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stoman   commented 5 days ago

I did not check the mix on headphones, so some minor adjustments may be necessary. Please let me know what you think.

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MtommyA   commented 3 days ago

Really well done!! Fantastic guitar!


JoeBreuer   commented 3 days ago

I like the Mix a lot as well. One thing I would think about is to start the fadeout a little earlier? A little too much 'Gitarrengedudel' in the end for my opinion ;)

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stoman   commented 2 days ago

What kind of guitarist are you?!? ;) :D


JoeBreuer   commented 2 days ago

Songdienlich ;) ?


JoeBreuer   commented 2 days ago

Or someone not used to so much space for guitar in a song ;) Thank you BTW