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Creative Brief


Rough idea is up. I will upload a BedTrack for the bass, when possible.

Looking for vocals and a lead guitar will be nice! 

There is a document (picture) with the chords & structure of the song.




I wrote these lyrics after the 31st of january this year (2020). On that day someone I knew committed euthanasia. He suffered from cancer.

I was not present when the assisted suicide took place, but I was able to say goodbye to him afterwards. A tragic day. He left behind my cousin and their daughter. 

The young man was my age and when I saw him lying in his bed, I could not help wonder if I would do the same...


That is what inspired this song. It's about cancer, hope and the fight until the end. The most serious thing I have ever written. 

So it will need some serious music. I already uploaded these lyrics to a collaboration with a vocal melody once, but it was not accepted. So I took it down.

I'm ready for another try.


All the best,




You can Change/ re-arrange the lyrics when needed

Memories of my worth - Lyrics  by Ellen Kussy



You think that you've won

But I won't go down that easily

I will press on

Until my body no longer carries me

You're not in control

I choose how to speak and how to love

You don't own my soul

You're just a bug that I can't get rid off



The fear of your name is known 

It don't bother me

It no longer haunts my mind 

‘cause in the end I know

when leaving life, 

we all die alone

I feel your claim on me 

on this weaker outer shell  

But I promise I will give you Hell   



Bridges are burning

By the time I'm leaving Earth

Everyone will know the memories of my worth

No stone is left unturned

I'll never be broken

It's the threshold of my mind

Everyone will see I fought a real good fight

When it's time to say goodnight 




I'll never give in

I plan to battle 'till I'm numb 

I'm going all-in

This fight for power has only just begun

The clock's ticking

My little knights want you to bring it on

And when they are winning

You'll perish and forever you'd be gone



The fear of your name is known 

It don't bother me

It no longer haunts my mind 

Your shadow only makes me 

wiser, braver, better, stronger

I feel your claim on me 

on this weaker outer shell  

But I promise I will give you Hell   


[Repeat Chorus]

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