Memories of my worth (lyrics) Prog-Rock/Art Rock

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For ellen dxy memories of my worth Uploaded 4mo+12dy ago by Joshuabloem

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Joshuabloem   commented 4mo+12dy ago

Hope you like it Ellen, it's a bit more rocky/upbeat as if you wanted, i was singing to your track! Hope you like it! Cancer is a beast and must be defeated! fijn weekend ellen groetjes joshua

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EllenDXY   commented 4mo+11dy ago

Hi Joshua! Thanks. I was not expecting another vocal idea from you. You really sing it with a lot of fighting spirit. Nice. I will not use it for the song, but I will keep your idea up, just in case another kompozer wants to arrange some music around your vocal, Jij ook een goed weekend!


Joshuabloem   commented 4mo+10dy ago

Hi Ellen, thank you, i was singing it with full fighting spirit! and that's okay! It's your track you know! tThank you for keeping my vocals up though that's kind! groetjes