90 BPM 12/8 Blues- Rhythmic Sketchin' Series (Please spin off projects from here) Blues

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You Really 1084499 Guitar and Vocal Scratch Uploaded 1mo+22dy ago by ipft

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ipft   commented 1mo+14dy ago

2nd v and c You Really (Lyrics by iPFT, 20210103) Watch as the world goes by Think how it could have been See things so clearly now Clear than it’s ever been When will you will come my way Do I need to set things straight? Keep with the Jones pal They ain’t ever gonna wait You really think you know it all Because you call the shots You really got me comin’ down But I can call the cops Life’s what you make of it No need to break your balls Keep your enemies close Trapped in revolving doors Take pride in what you do Cos nobody else will Keep up with the tech pal It ain’t ever gonna wait You really think you got it all Because you wear odd socks You really need to calm it down Cos I can join the dots