A Green Flash At Sunset Was The Signal Prog-Rock/Art Rock

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A Green Flash At Sunset Was The Signal Uploaded 1mo+25dy ago by sriracha

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sriracha   commented 23 days ago

first pass integrating stuff. If this work,s I've got a tracking mix. Figured I'd run this by folks first. Room for improvement, of course.

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liljoe6string   commented 23 days ago

pros> tasty mofo!! EPIC!~~ dreamy gtr tones.. dig the classical lines~real art cons> The kik sounds a little paperish & flabby> put some bark on that kik maybe 70-80 hz?....snare is spot on! Only other suggestion, as much as I AM ABOUT GUITARS, their sitting a bit too much above the rest of the music with the exception of the snare.. which as stated previously is spot on...

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tbase2000   commented 23 days ago

Love that pro feedback from the gallery. Nicely done LilJoe

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liljoe6string   commented 22 days ago


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sriracha   commented 22 days ago

Well, it's not so easy as that. Right at that range is where you have collisions with the bass, so in fact boosting anything there just creates mud. It's more something I need to go back to Chris on. The kick has a great click and that comes through more and so I suspect that is what you are hearing. Likewise the snare - I'm bringing that out via eq, which means the kick click is being brought out. Having worked out the eq to get it here, I'm confident I can work with Chris to get a stereo stem that will fit with the bass to fill out. That in turn will allow the guitars to be more balanced. :)

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liljoe6string   commented 22 days ago

+1 Having done a bit more mixing lately I can state ITS HARD!! Move one thing, and something else jumps off!! urrrrg!

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JimBass01   commented 23 days ago

Sounds good to my ears Bill!

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rhythmicdevil   commented 22 days ago

Very cool. This is sounding good.