LOOK THE OTHER WAY (ft. The Staggering Talents of Bernd & Billy) Metal

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Creative Brief

I really loved this tune and wanted to preserve a version that was exactly what I played without change.

- bill


Look the Other Way 

Look the other way
To expound on misdeeds another day
Never to see where your actions may lead
Never to know that the human soul bleeds
With your eyes open wide
You can't see the devastation 
Of A thousand years of strife
Millions upon millions have paid the price
Peace is what we all seek
From behind our broken white picket fences
With Our red, white and blue stances
Our freedoms never to be questioned
Look the other way
Pray for that parents of other peoples kids
Pray for their sons and daughters addiction that has hit the skids
Pray for the soul that is dead
Pray and be thankful that it wasn't your kid
Look the other way
Cast your eyes down and away
This can't be for you and I
We live to never die
For all the hurts, anger and strife
For all the little white lies
For all the mistakes that cause the heartaches 
For all those that have been forgotten and have gone astray 
Look the other way
Just look the other way
Can't you see where this will all end
Are clueless and refuse to comprehend
You can't hide forever behind the white broken fence
Because in the end, it ends in certain death
So my friend when death is knocking at your door
Can you say that you didn't treat life like she's a whore
To use for you own justified means and then throw away
Or did you just Look The Other Way
Lyrics by:  Jodeen Hoskins

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Genre Metal

Collaboration started January 3, 2021 by sriracha

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