The Chronicles of Doom (The Eerie Museum of Pathology) Psychedelic

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Creative Brief

I am putting together a series of pieces ...... about ‘a man who mistook his wife for a hat’.


It is a true story of a musician that suffered from FACE BLINDNESS - a neurological condition known as PROSOPAGNOSIA


This is the part of the story that his doctor diagnoses him with a severe form of this disorder.


The protagonist is a musician and a painter. His pictures, over time, have changed in style .... starting out as obvious representations of the world, and ending up as non-recognisable compositions. To him, it is the development of his artistic style as he hones his skills. To the neurologist .... this is a record of the progression of a slowly growing tumour in the brain causing a slow deterioration of the ability to recognise faces and objects in the real world. Two opinions ...... which one is right? 

To the neurologist it is an eerie 'history' of the disease progression ... a museum of slowly worsening pathology.


The song takes place when the neurologist explains the diagnosis ..... the protagonist screams inside .......


(The story has a happy ending – ish)


Lead guitar - 1:40 - 2-34 and 3:29 - end 


Vocals - 2:34 - 3:29 and possibly also on some of the louder sections



The Chronicles of Doom – [The Eerie Museum of Pathology]


Creative abstract evolution

Renouncement of realism

Emerging non-representation

Creative metamorphosis


artistic con-cant-e-nation

Discordant rationalisations

Opposing [Clinico-artistic] Incantations

Oblivious chronology


Progessive neuro-path-ol-ogy

A Premature obituary

Self chronicled Necrology

Museum of pathophysiology

Oblivious chronology
Progessive neuro-path-ol-ogy
A Premature obituary
Self chronicled Necrology
Museum [Pagent?] of pathophysiology

Additional Information

Genre Psychedelic BPM 70.0

Collaboration started January 9, 2021 by Redfish
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