Sargasso Ambient

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Sargasso Uploaded 1mo+21dy ago by Octorez

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Afterdark   commented 5mo+29dy ago

Wow. I did not expect the track to develop like that. I love it.

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Octorez   commented 5mo+29dy ago

Thanks, will try another mix. Something not so dark. I like your album concept idea and will try to help if that's alright. Something along the lines of Carbon Based Lifeforms..


Afterdark   commented 5mo+29dy ago

Great. I love the Idea. I am using Presonus studio one-5 and I see that you use this also. I made this piece when my wife was pregnant and I wanted to use the real heartbeat from my unborn daughter. I did not want to chance anything going wrong with the pregnancy so I did not use the recording from the scan at the doctors. Now that she has been born and everything is ok I really wished I used the recording in the piece. The biggest problem is that I have lost the recording now.

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Octorez   commented 5mo+28dy ago

Very interesting, because my first instinct was to use a heartbeat. After researching the BPM it ranges from 60 to 100 for an adult. I set the project BPM at 80 and this mix was the result. I didn't see that you had set a BPM. ?? Congratulation Andrew, what a wonderful gift. My first thoughts when hearing your track was that you may have used whales and other natural elements in the background. I do enjoy the way the water seems to change key on your mix.