Can't Be With You Contemporary Blues

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By Hollie Olson
13 days ago

Hey bandmates. 

So I take the blame for this as the track was a very human played (me) Cajon at first for holding a rhythm together. The foundation of bassless and drumless mixes came from that.  I just uploaded just the seps for drums, bass and rhythm guitar.  it starts off okay but the timing gets more off as it goes.  I even tried taking the first section of the bass and guitar and copying that section and then pasting it down the line right on the grid and it all still starts to move out. But please take a listen and let me know if its just me and I"m crazy.


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hollieolson   commented 13 days ago

I just did another edit which also included the main drums taken in sections, I even added back in all of the drum fills so it wouldn't be the same each time. Please take a listen. Thoughts?

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Lawman   commented 13 days ago

I believe it is the drums/congas that are causing the problem. I downloaded Maurizio's drums and they started off fine but quickly fell a little behind. I'm not sure if when it was recorded that it was 120 BPM as you stated in the key and description fields. I think if you listen to just the base and rhythm and you vocals/keys I believe they are ok. It's uncharacteristic for Maurizio to be off when he plays so I suspect something in his recording settings may have changed slightly during the process. I'm more than happy to re-track my rhythm but let's wait and see what Maurizio thinks. Jim In any event that's what I would do as you are right


ESTJdrummer   commented 12 days ago

you're right Jim! but I immediately noticed that the timing was swaying and I was ready to report it to Hollie, then I saw that she had accepted the bass line and I thought that the boss had decided that that was the way and I played above that result also hearing and suffering from swaying. maybe I should have talked about it? however I am willing to play it new when it is fixed.

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Lawman   commented 12 days ago

Maurizio, I thought it odd that the drums were a little off I've never had that as an issue with you so I'm glad you noticed it as well!! We'll just wait to hear back from Hollie as I think we all will need to re-track our parts. I hope you are doing well and continuing to stay safe!! Jim


ESTJdrummer   commented 12 days ago

thanks also i hope you are well and safe. ciao Jim :)


rockq   commented 13 days ago

Even though I am not in the band, I would suggest either start with a rhythm guitar and/or lead singer and everyone follow along

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hollieolson   commented 12 days ago

Hey all. As I said before I believe it started with me and that it was a Cajon at first. Man, I don't know how drummers record acoustic as I can hear it live as well as in my headphones and I feel there is some latency, but regardless, I am so sorry to set up a bad foundation. However, since the song is just the same sections over and over again, I do think I can just copy and paste and no one will need to re-record unless they want to. And Maurizio uploaded a new bongo section. I will be cutting it to a grid at 120 which I already did and uploaded a mix, but will go in a double-check it all. Hang tight while I do a bit on my end and perhaps nobody will need to do anything again. THANK YOU ALL!!!

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hollieolson   commented 6 days ago

Okay new mix up with some magic in copy/paste, used the new bongo line of Maurizio's, played a whole new organ track and sang a new lead. Thoughts? Think it works as the new foundation for Francois to track his lead guitar?