Occasionally Pop/Rock

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Occasionally - 2021-04-02 Uploaded 19 days ago by stoman

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stoman   commented 19 days ago

I dropped in Mikes vocals yesterday and tweaked the demo mix a little bit. I pulled the requests for guitars and real drums, as I think the song works as is (I might change my mind about real drums, but we'll see). But I don't consider this to be the final mix, as I usually start mixing from scratch once everything is in place, after letting it sink in for a while. That's why I filed it under "Demo".

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stoman   commented 19 days ago

Hmm ... are the vocals shifted here, compared to Mike's demo mix?

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Wire-and-Wood   commented 19 days ago

The vocals are in sync. Im listening through earbuds only but it sounds really good to me.

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SpinDizzy   commented 19 days ago

Sounds good to me!