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Creative Brief

This is a song i wrote just after NEW YEARS EVE 2010

so 11 years ago, talking about the copies of your partner you meet and experience before you meet the REAL thing.

and how all those people before even though they were not the real thing they teach us what we want and do not want more and more as we grow along the way. I, like many, have had to learn the hard way along the road of LOVE.

This song is about Journeying

And learning to see the REFLECTION as well as profound tapestry it all unravels along the way.

Realizing Truths i may not have wanted to witness and yet needed to in order to testify on my own behalf as i left those copies of situations go by that just were not for me in the long run. yeah, not gonna lie, this was a bittersweet lesson and a powerful rites of passage coming of age maturity song for me. Was looking in my old journals and it lept out, time to lay it down and make is SING...what say you my lovely favourite place in the whole world, my KOMPOZ community?

a song i have the basic guitar rift to as well... 

PLEASE NOTE; do not open discussions to ask questions use Inbox for this please. The song melody and arrangement is already set up. If you share something that alters what I presented I will decline. As I am in love with this song’s melancholy texture of bittersweetness. Therefore please keep song’s melody in mind. Thank you ever so kindly for seeing what I am regarding here as important. 
base rift
verse= C E

            C Em 



chorus= G Em x2

              C Em x 2


chorus x2

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Genre Singer/Songwriter

Collaboration started March 3, 2021 by MzAySes
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