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Current situation

By Daniel Cable
1mo+9dy ago

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to start of conversation regarding our current situation and where we go from here.

Currently Canyon is working on a Simple melody line for the piano, to accompany the Vocals during the chorus's, and, to replace the guitar melody line before the guitar solo and the end of the final chorus. If possible id like Canyon to replicate the main clean guitar riff/melody for the 3rd verse. 

I Understand Blacky and SISnoMore are working on the vocals, getting them more solid. It maybe worth refering to Canyons Piano melody to make sure all are hitting the same notes :) ;)

Id like to think we can start submitting Seps/Midi files soon but i dont want to rush it. Ive been sat on this song for over 10 years and 'good enough' wasnt good enough last time and i dont intend for it to be this time.

I've been tweeking some of the guitar stuff and intend to rework the strings/orchestral parts once i have all the vocals in place in the mix.

If ive missed anything or anyone has an update regarding the overall project please comment here :)




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CanyonsEdge   commented 1mo+9dy ago

Patience is a virtue. Sometimes anyway....


SISNoMore   commented 1mo+9dy ago

Currently I'm sick, so I'm resting up for now. Once I'm better id like to record a sample mix of me doing some backing vocals with Blackys main vocals and see if we sound good together. If we like it, I can then work on seps.


Wyldeone   commented 1mo+9dy ago

Get well soon! but dont rush, we have plenty of time :)


Blacky   commented 1mo+9dy ago

Get well soon Erin. I need to work on my pronunciation too, I didn't grow up with this language and I want this song to be great for Dan.


Wyldeone   commented 1mo+9dy ago

Im sure the pronunciation will come with time. Just practice :) When this is all done, and only then, id be interested in hearing you do this in your native tongue :)


Blacky   commented 1mo+9dy ago

I will do my best ;-)


Wyldeone   commented 27 days ago

Just a PSA, I'm actually gonna be on vacation from tomorrow, for a week, so won't be able to do any mixing until I'm back. I'll still have internet and the ability to have a listen to and critique anything as usual. If everyone could have there seps uploaded by the end of the week, I can then come back and have a good ol' crack at it. Please feel free to upload as many seps as you can/like. The more options the better.


CanyonsEdge   commented 27 days ago



SISNoMore   commented 27 days ago

Have a great time


Blacky   commented 27 days ago

have a nice holiday