Grove Groove Alternative

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GroveGroove saxExperiment Uploaded 5 days ago by MrsBeats

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MarioLicataBassist   commented 3 days ago

Anne, That bari-sax sounds huge!! Your saxophone parts are bringing this tune in a really cool direction. Awesome playing!


MrsBeats   commented 3 days ago

Mario, I'm glad you like it :) thank you so much - do you have points that I can change or add?

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MarioLicataBassist   commented 3 days ago

Anne, I think it is really awesome! I am cool with what you laid down, but feel free to do what you feel is best. Looking forward to hearing what Filipe and Francois think.


FParadiddle   commented 2 days ago

Hi guys! Nice playing there, Anne! Thanx! .... But I have to say, I have been listening and somehow I am not sure that it is fitting ... I am more fond of the more subtle sax (more treble?) that sometimes appear... In the chorus. On my view, that one could appear more, and less the other (baritone?..). Also in the bridge /sitar part I think it should be subtler, if there at all, because there's so much going on already.,its confusing.. Am I making sense?....