The Best Time (working title) - Lyrics available! Rock

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Happenstance Uploaded 1mo+13dy ago by ForestUK

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ForestUK   commented 1mo+13dy ago

I did this ages ago before I moved house. Only just got a moment to relisten to it. I have done a quick mixdown. I will edit in an evening and make it sound better before uploading seps. Not got many plugins on my laptop, I'll get to it asap. Hope you like the inklings of a great song! Amy

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stoman   commented 1mo+13dy ago

Thanks, Amy! I'm glad someone picked up John's lyrics. :) Once the seps are up, I'll accept both the lyrics and the seps. But no hurry, I won't be near my computer until Monday anyway. And don't worry about the sound of the demo, as long as the seps are dry and unprocessed. Have a nice weekend!