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Help me finish this collaboration. I am currently requesting uploads for the tracks listed below. Feel free to contribute.
- MzAySes
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Creative Brief

this set of songs is for an album I call

Me, MySelf, You, Me, and Ay Ses

amd this is going to be a sort of fun REVERSE ONION LAYERING OSMOSIS sort of project.

i simply want to add layers to the existing track... so when you arrive on the track the FEATURE or latest track is the track you download and play along to while you record DEMO STYLE but for reals as clean as possible and voila if we accept your layer the next person who has an idea to contribute adds their DEMO TRACK layer and so on.

any players who can fuse into it... of course let’s not get ridiculous, if it doesn’t vibe with the rest we will not accept your layer.

by the time the layering has hit a satisfying result we close the song and everyone who added a layer in this fun way to go about this set of songs of course gets equal rights.

PM for details vs the discussions button.

i am a FEELS musician, so not a technical player.

plans to split the royalties equally of course.

and heading to Amuse to release each of the 7 singles of this album body into

Spotify, iTunes, Youtube Music and the likes.

what say you? up for the challenge?

winkwink HAPPY SPRING-!

Additional Information

Genre Adult Contemporary

Collaboration started March 23, 2021 by MzAySes
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Copyright © 2021 by MzAySes, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Mar 23, 2021

Copyright Sharing Statement:

MzAySes has declared the following Composition and Sound Recording copyright intentions for this collaboration, when completed:

Composition: Equally with other collaborators
Sound Recording: Equally with other collaborators
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