Don't Meet Your Heroes (Female Vocalist Version) Singer/Songwriter

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By Alexander Reis
1mo+7dy ago

Hi, all

We've got a very nice spin-off of this song with a great male vocal. Based on a lot of comments and suggestions re: the lyrics, I have re-written, and this time, for variety, tried a version for a female vocalist.

I hear the song as melancholy, but not maudlin. In the singer/songwriter tradition, maybe a bit of Americana. Don't want to over-produce it, but maybe a little violin or even viola solo in there.

I have some chord progressions, but I'd also like to get a better songwriter to see if they have some other ideas. 


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offthewall   commented 1mo+7dy ago

Alex. I think this is a great idea, putting the revised lyrics here as an alternative version. If you don't mind I'd like to continue with the other on as it stands.