Second Shot Neo-Soul

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Second shot mix 3 Uploaded 5 months ago by Afterdark

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Afterdark   commented 5 months ago

Warmer mix volume lowered on strings brass has a little more reverb on. easier on the ear

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moehoward   commented 4mo+29dy ago

Nice Andrew, you want to upload the sep files, see if I can fit it into the current mix.


Afterdark   commented 4mo+29dy ago

Ok Moe will do. Are you ok?

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moehoward   commented 4mo+28dy ago

If you posed that question to the people I interact with on a day-to-day basis, you might get some interesting answers ... ... but I'm doing A-OK Andrew, thanks for asking man! Wishing you well too!


Afterdark   commented 4mo+28dy ago

That's very similar to those around my day to day life too Moe. I noticed that you have had the second needle. Glad you are ok.

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BrendanB   commented 4mo+28dy ago

After the shot, they accidentally gave Moe the instructions in Spanish and he thought "mucho reposado" meant lot's of tequila when it actually means lot"s of rest.

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moehoward   commented 4mo+28dy ago

ohhhhhhhh...... ... well that explains a lot.