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Creative Brief

A new city in lockdown and trying to build a new life Ginny meets a mattress tester and finds she is barking up the wrong tree when trying to meet people and make friends. She breaks into random meetings and gets easily vexed by those she meets subversive humans. She feels she is not understood and that they are from another trunk of the tree. Lisbon is a friendly, place but there is often this feeling of the repressed, and wearing the robes of the perceptions of what it means to be dyslexic,. This is a beat poetry piece with a dry sense of humour. I am looking for someone to accompany the lyrics.

I'm gonna go back to zero.

I'm gonna go back to zero

sometimes I don't where to go,

when I can't find the words

it's absurd and it's just crazy.

hope this guy doesn't make my world all hazy,

just makes me out to be lazy

but I persist and not gonna stop

being dyslexic doesn't mean that you're gonna get vexed

with Ableist pulling you down to their darkness.

So, I met a guy who's a bit, a little bit, ableist

It boils my blood as it comes out-insists.

he is just wearing the heart of a Beatle

black, indrawn and forlorn

my body is scorned,

to the beats to the beat of this unbelievable receipt.


Sometimes when you try to find a friend.

You got to find the great ones

you got to find the foul ones

that make you want to do one,

the ones that make you feel free

the ones that help to draw out the best of me.


So tonight I met these guys,

they were really not that fly.

We could never be the best friends ever.

Maybe it wasn't the right weather.

But, you know, making friends is random

in Lisbon and in life these things don't go in tandem.

it is similar to trying to find the lottery

and getting the right numbers, that monotony

How do you know if you're going to be good to me?

How do you know if we can be barking up the same tree?


Often you going to start at zero, you're going to start at zero.

Everybody is not Robert De Niro, you know

Gonna be better if you have to start at zero.


So this guy comes up to me and he says,

Look, there's nobody upstairs. They've all left early.

Anyway-They aren't at all burly, they aren't at all cool.

But I am I'm from Morocco, I want to be a hit pink street, where the girls are

raining down.

I responded with a frown.


We order beers and a plate of nachos

I sit with these muchachos

We start to chat it goes pretty flat.

I tell him I am always studying

and he seems hell-bent on this bloody thing

of the put-downs.

so I feel like I'm undressed

naked in a bar pushing my tolerance being pushed too far.


I'm a mattress man, he says

I couldn't find it, but this is my life plan.

Testing these mattresses, out of town.

That's my job. I found it funny, but I shut my gob.

And suppress the giggles in my tummy.


He says life is about feeling subversive,

telling jokes and being coercive.

I want to feel free, I think

I can't understand you, I blink.

I am ignored, right now I pretty bored.

I don't want to sist in this bar

to be honest, if I am clear

no longer do I want to be here


I'm out in the scene I'm in dreamland

There I am with this clan.

including a man who tests mattresses.

outside of work? he says (when I am not lying in bed)

I like to insult people who are dyslexic,

cause the insults to slide out of me and exit.

Being disrespectful, being hectic.


I mean I don't get your humour.

but It feeds into his clandestine tumour

And if you want to be protected.

Then hide.

being behind the introspective

I don't chide

If you want to be awkward.

Don't hang out with me

I'm moving onward,

If you want to break the ice

"that would be fucking nice"

and I said yeah, why not, let's try and break out of those ableist thoughts

that may be repressing the inner child

creativity, brilliant and wild.


So sometimes we have to start from zero,

sometimes we have to play the songs that we don't know

and sometimes we have to understand each other.

And sometimes we have to not take hits like your my close brother.

Then sometimes we are not the victim you see definitely not othered.

And then, you know, if we don't click your not my honeybee

you're barking up the wrong tree.


We're gonna go back to zero,

we're gonna go back to zero.

We don't know-how.

But we're gonna go,

we're gonna go.


We're gonna go -back- to- zero.



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Collaboration started April 24, 2021 by Jevanspollard

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