You're Not The Cure Punk

  Spin-off   Spun by Hines57



You re not the cure Demo Mix With Hines lead vocals Uploaded 20 days ago by Hines57

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Hines57   commented 1mo+11dy ago

Hey Tony, I saw you guitar part...but I was doing some track housekeeping and I guess I must of deleted it by accident, so could you upload it again when you get a chance? Sorry about that!! On this one I replaced the original Mona guitar track for everything except the short key correction areas (had to fake in some guitar and bass for those) and I left my rhythm guitar in for the lead break. Also boosted the vol on the center speaking part. I also posted a track for new lead singer...maybe we will have auditions like on the movie "The Commitments":)

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Hines57   commented 1mo+11dy ago

oh yeah and there is the new acapella part...

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Redfish   commented 1mo+10dy ago

fantastic .....what you could do is cut and past the cord from the previous bars to make it fit? I'm saying thins even before listening ..... Ill upl;oad my scratch guitar solo ... but maybe not needed as I'm sure someone can do waaaaay better I like the idea of asking for lead vox ...... lets see who turns up on our doorstep .... can always bribe them with Cider :P