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After - COMPLETE DEMO MIX Uploaded 1mo+12dy ago by agentj018

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AndyGupta   commented 1mo+12dy ago

Hi Jonathan, If you are ok with it, I would like to try out a bass part for this cool song. Andy

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agentj018   commented 1mo+11dy ago

Hi, with pleasure Jonathan

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AndyGupta   commented 1mo+11dy ago

Thanks, Jonathan! I was jamming along last night, I noticed that the song as it stands, is basically a repeated guitar phrase (though beautiful) in Am and C throughout. Do you intend to develop the music a bit more? It could do with a couple of other chords and maybe a bridge? Cheers Andy

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agentj018   commented 1mo+11dy ago

You're right, the riff is only made up of 2 chords. It's too light. I'm missing something to relaunch the riff. I'll see if I find something to enrich. If you have ideas, don't hesitate to share them. Thanks for your return. Jonathan


Tracey   commented 1mo+8dy ago

Hey Jonathan, After listening to your track I reckon maybe I have some song lyrics that i feel will fit into it, with some tweaking and moving around. I call it " I'll be alright ". Have a read of my lyrics and let me know what you think. Many thanks Tracey

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agentj018   commented 1mo+8dy ago

Hi Tracey, I accept with pleasure. Have you listened to version 2 "After - COMPLETE DEMO MIX V2" which is the current version with some changes? Thank you Jonathan