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THEY - new vox mix Uploaded 1mo+22dy ago by BrokenBString

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elizabethauzan   commented 1mo+23dy ago

I LIKE this version:-) In particular the transition at around 1.50 silence and then eerie background sounds Then at 3:16 guitar It seems perfectly acceptable not to say logical to me (as wot wrote the thing LOL) that the voice be the same. It's the same person even when THEY are talking because he's quoting what he heard. I also like the little effect that's left when Tarjei is speaking (from 1:50) though I think his "whisper" could be a tad louder I admire you gentleman for your dedication to getting the best result and Chris, in particular, for taking on board the various remarks and changing his mix. Whether this is a final one or not is not for me to say and I'm sure there will be further discussion but it's a pleasure to be on board!!!

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skarlun   commented 1mo+22dy ago

i too like this version . Agree with elisabeth with the wisper beeing a bit louder. As for They say, it is a bit odd placed for me, rhythm wise, but it might be that i just wouldn't sing it like that:-). Great job Chris... really like your work on this :-)

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BrokenBString   commented 1mo+22dy ago

Thanks both. I'll bring the whisper up and put "They say" back to original position no problem. Nick's putting feelers out for a proper guitar track. Fingers crossed.