Just Landed Contemporary Jazz

  Spin-off   Spun by PJLucidi



Creative Brief

This is a spin off of Just Landed is a modern jazz / blues track with some tonal changes.

In this new version we will work with Eva Jones (vocals and lyrics) and Simone Quarantini (drums)

The A section is the main theme and it is based on Abm.

The B section starts in Gbm and then G, Gbm, Am, Abm.


TO DO...


Cover art

Just Landed cover is kindly provided for free by Comfreak:


Additional Information

Genre Contemporary Jazz Key Abm BPM 140.0

Collaboration started May 13, 2021 by PJLucidi
Last upload 7mo+6dy ago

Copyright Information

Initial Copyright Statement:

Copyright © 2021 by PJLucidi, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on May 13, 2021

Copyright Sharing Statement:

The owner has not yet declared how copyright will be shared with the other collaborators.

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AlcoST1071 Angelo Orlando
Rome Lazio Italy
PJLucidi Piergiorgio Lucidi
Rome Italy
Evaj Eva Jones
Rome Italy
Squarantini30 Simone Quarantini
Rome RM Italy
stoman Steffen O
Aachen Germany