When You Come Around Indie Rock

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When You Come Around Uploaded 1mo+4dy ago by Line6Freak

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Line6Freak   commented 1mo+4dy ago

Tweaked arrangement. I haven't played with the Backing Vocals yet . . . .

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timelesspassion   commented 1mo+4dy ago

Really awesome! Can't imagine better vocals for this great track!

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Line6Freak   commented 1mo+4dy ago

Totally agree. Scott's voice completely suits the music. : )


LindenCircle   commented 1mo+4dy ago

i kinda like the original layout better..

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timelesspassion   commented 1mo+3dy ago

I like both layputs. But I must admit that I liked the darker style of Scott more, too. This one is more mixed in direction of a clearer pop song.

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Line6Freak   commented 1mo+3dy ago

What I've attempted to do with the mix is move the Guitar Fills into the sections with No Vocals so that they don't compete with each other. I've muted the Backing Vocal Track for this Version (so far) as I have moved some of the Vocal sections for the reason above. I hadn't mirrored the changes in the BV Track yet . . .. but I'm not sure if the song isn't better without the BV to be honest . . . I could upload the Seps/Stems if either of you wanted to tweak your own arrangement