Same Old Same (needs proper vocal, bass and drums) Blues

Started by Andy_M, © All Rights Reserved 2021



Just having fun and much fun was had thank you! Uploaded 1mo+23dy ago by Midipunk

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Chris1970   commented 1mo+23dy ago

Thumbs up Pete. It is an enjoyable one to play to.

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Midipunk   commented 1mo+23dy ago

Right on Chris! Slim pickens for drum whackers lately, will pick up when winter sets in.

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Andy_M   commented 1mo+22dy ago

Nice Work Pete! Love the end “well thats enough of that!” Awesome! :o) Any chance you could load up a sep too so I could have a play with the tracks? Do you have all the separate stem tracks recorded separately? Ie. Kick, snare, overheads etc as separate tracks.?

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Midipunk   commented 1mo+22dy ago

Thankya haha! Yes I'll upload them all after chores are done.