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Ostracized2 Uploaded 1mo+25dy ago by Owhit

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Owhit   commented 1mo+25dy ago

I may need another round of EQ on the drums, which sound a little brittle.


Chris1970   commented 1mo+25dy ago

They do, but I was going for a brush sound. I can change it if you like ? Thats easy.


Zell   commented 1mo+25dy ago

I would definitely use the bongos for they do sound good. But I would also add the snare using a cross stick with a loose spring. I think that combo would sound good. We should at least give it a shot to see if it fits well. I would also try using the hi hat as a clam shell, opening and closing on the strike. I think it would fit well through out or at least in spots. And I would also try the kick lightly in unison with the bass for it will give the rhythm section some good bottom which will fill out the song. If necessary portions can be recorded in different segments and then mixed in. I think the bongos should surely be in there along with the drums. Worse comes to worse, portions of the drums can be dumped during the mix or used sparingly in sections building the song up as it goes along. I know it sounds like a good deal of work but I think it would pay off at the end after it is mixed. Don't throw the drum stick at me Chris, it's just some things I am hearing in my head while listening to the song. You're doing real good and I appreciate your work. Your thoughts please. Thanks, BZ


Zell   commented 1mo+25dy ago

Chris: Let's see what Witt thinks. If it's easy and not a problem for you then it might be worth it for we will have a number of good options to work with. Those suggestions are from what I was hearing while listening to the song and picking it apart. If it's not a problem for you Chris. No pressure. As my friends from Australia always say "no worries mate" Thanks, BZ