Light Touch Pop/Rock

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LT bass mix Uploaded 2mo+3dy ago by Bigwagdog

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Bigwagdog   commented 2mo+3dy ago

Had to give it a jam. Hello from Elk Grove.

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liljoe6string   commented 2mo+3dy ago


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BrendanB   commented 2mo+2dy ago

This is great Dave! Thanks! I live near Auburn. Cool to see someone else from the Sacramento area here. When you have time, can you upload a sep please? Thanks, Brendan

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Bigwagdog   commented 2mo+2dy ago

Brendan, Thanks man. Sep is up. I grew up on the other side of the canyon in Placerville.

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BrendanB   commented 2 months ago

Nice. I like Placerville. It's definitely very similar to Auburn.