Drifting Dance

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TakeMeFarUniRB Uploaded 1mo+23dy ago by Raven90

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HarmonyLounge   commented 1mo+21dy ago

I Like the idea. By Chance can you rerecord your vocals to a metronome. As it stands there is no rhythm to song so it would be hard for someone to work around your vocals.


Raven90   commented 1mo+20dy ago

Just for practice really. Check out some of my R&B tracks. This is not R&B and your style would require that for a 4/4 100 tempo anyway.


Raven90   commented 1mo+20dy ago

Anyway, you could do so much better than a Electronic Dance Pop middle eastern type vibe! I’m m so sick of my sound so I’m trying out more modern mainstream flow like late 011’s and 020’s.