One Fine Day Britpop

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peterrand   commented 1mo+20dy ago

One Fine Day 0:30 One fine day Month of May Have my say Then go away 0:42 All the same All to blame It's a game Such a shame 1:06 Steer clear of metric Make mine a pint Bendy bananas Can change my mind 1:18 Take me down to Benidorm Dine on Fish and Chips All inclusive Save what falls from my lips 1:30 London Bridge is falling down I hide out in my small town Read the lips upon the wags Page three in the daily rag 1:42 One fine day Get my way Foreigners Go away 1:54 All the same Rearranged Nothing strange Mind your change 2:06 Read my mind, Sun and satellite dish Life expectancy comes cheap as chips I'm all right Jack send them right back I'm no racist, knick knack paddywack 2:30 Everything is falling down I hide out in my small town Read their lips, feel their rage Turn back to the football page 2:42 In the days of the empire The game had no umpire Live off the strangers' sorrow Yesterday, tomorrow