Mellow Rain Smooth Jazz

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Mellow Rain Uploaded 1mo+6dy ago by Grizzl

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Grizzl   commented 1mo+6dy ago

Hi, Cool track. Can I mix it? I have some brass ideas. I'd need the bass sep from Jim. Regards, -Peter

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Marceys   commented 1mo+6dy ago

Hello Peter! I have asked Jim for his bass sep! Looking forward to your mix! What did you do with this mix? I?m on my phone right now and cannot listen with proper headphones! Cheers, Marc


Grizzl   commented 1mo+5dy ago

Hi, thanks! I put the drum and guitar seps together with Jim?s bass mix and started to level balance. Filled out the mix with a parallel rear bus and thickened the drums with a parallel bus. Then some general mastering. I found some good horn sounds but haven?t added it yet. Regards, -Peter

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BrendanB   commented 1mo+5dy ago

This is sounding really good! Looking forward to the horns!

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Jcabrita   commented 1mo+5dy ago

this sounds Great! Note: I made 2 drum takes. The first one is played with sticks. The second one is an idea with brushes... Now I leave to all participants on this project, what version you like the most. Having Marc the final decision :) Cheers JC

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Marceys   commented 1mo+4dy ago

Hey all, This project is sounding real good already! Listened to it a couple of times in the car! Good mix also! My initial thought was a lite drums version... think that complements this kind of track best.... but that is my opinion... You guys dig a little more punch with the sticks? Let me know! We make this together.... Think it would be great to have some horns on it... looking forward to your idea and how you mix it all, you found the sep of the bass? Cheers and have a great weekend all, Marc