Se han robado al sol Jazz

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sa han robado al sol acoustic drums take 1 Uploaded 2mo+18dy ago by Jcabrita

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Leon4523   commented 2mo+17dy ago

Thanks Joao; let me hear your idea with the other instruments and vocals guide. The bass is still in progress so hopefully will have it too in the following days. Best. Leonardo

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Jcabrita   commented 2mo+17dy ago

Hi Leonardo, ok. if necessary I can make a new take. Let's see how this one fits the following instruments. Cheers JC

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Leon4523   commented 1mo+16dy ago

Hi Joao, We finally got bass, piano, voice and sax for the song. Are you in for a new take of drums? Please use the mix I upload on Nov 6 with the referred instruments and no drums. If you think a description of the parts of the song will help just ask so we can provide. Best, Leon

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Leon4523   commented 1mo+15dy ago

Joao, Please use the mix I just upload on Dec 3, 2021. Best. Leonardo.