Lonely Lifetime Electronic

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Demo 1 piano solo c bass Uploaded 1mo+21dy ago by Yvan

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Yvan   commented 1mo+21dy ago

is my first idea. it may not fit what you are looking for, tell me what you think


RequiemStudio   commented 1mo+21dy ago

Buenos dias y muchas gracias, Yvan. Great first idea ! Your talent shines bright, especially during the fabulous solo. Also, the bass was a nice touch. Thank you too for having mimicked the existing piano for a few bars before starting to add your variation and elaboration. I want to make sure the piano plays the very simple "E minor / C / D" sequence a few times before adding your lovely innovations. If you are willing to try another take, perhaps the solo could end more decisively. (2.03-2.05) And perhaps eliminate the last note at 2.57, so the piano ends on the E minor at 2.55. Finally, the passages at 0.38-0.40 and 2.30-2.31 are a bit less original the rest. (Perhaps because my chords are not particularly original ?) :-) Have any other ideas ? In any case, we are definitely on the right track. THANKS AGAIN and I hope you are having as much fun as I am ! John

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Yvan   commented 1mo+20dy ago

Thanks John I'm working on the second version I think this time I have hit the nail on the head soon I will upload it I hope you like it, I am having a lot of fun with this wonderful song,


RequiemStudio   commented 1mo+18dy ago

Thanks for everything, Yvan. You've definitely given me lots of stuff I can use, especially during the solo. Very original ! During the vocal I will probably go with piano that is closer to my traditional (boring) chords, though. I hope you don't mind. :-) In any case, I sure enjoyed working with you and wish you all the best ! Thanks again ! John

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Yvan   commented 1mo+18dy ago

Thank you very much John. I really enjoyed here, maybe I did not know how to interpret well what the wave of the song is, but I think you have good material to edit you can cut and do what you want here change notes etc etc for that reason send the midi too I will be very happy to have played some notes here with tremendous artists like you I have been listening to your work and they are impressive, for me it has been an honor, I am always at your service for any piano you need ,, a big hug, ,, Yvan


RequiemStudio   commented 1mo+17dy ago

Thank you for your kind words, Yvan. Again, I love the solo, where it's just you and drums. Concerning the vocal parts, I think the "problem" is that you are too good a musician for my song ! What I mean is that "Lonely Lifetime" is one of my typical pop songs : very, very basic. But your vivid imagination hears lots of other possible notes and chords that my poor imagination does not understand. So, when your ingenious notes and chords are played on top of my simple pop song, to my poor ears the piano and vocal don't quite match. Maybe like Thelonios Monk playing on a Pet Shop Boys song. :-) I hope you can forgive my lack of musical knowledge. Yes, perhaps we will work together if I can improve. THANKS AGAIN for everything. Here's a big musical hug for you. Wishing you and your family all the best for the holidays! John :-)


RequiemStudio   commented 1mo+19dy ago

Wow, Yvan. You're a fast worker ! :-) I finish work late tonight, but have already downloaded your files and will listen as soon as I can. Thank you and have a nice day ! John