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Blackout Blues Spin Bass Idea Uploaded 1mo+15dy ago by SpinDizzy

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SpinDizzy   commented 1mo+15dy ago

Here it is. Sorry I am a bit late but it was fun to mix up more than usual using some of my new tools. Hope it fits the mood. Good old fashioned blues bass!!! Sep uploaded.

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Gemini   commented 1mo+15dy ago

Great blues bass bro!

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OceanGreen   commented 1mo+15dy ago

Super great work bro :)

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Mr_Sinister   commented 1mo+15dy ago

...fine bass work, sir ! - vocal track sounds a bit slowed down, bro :) (thanks for sep and idea)

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offthewall   commented 1mo+15dy ago


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SpinDizzy   commented 1mo+15dy ago

Not sure why the vocal sounds slow but again new gear, new plugins and slow learner!

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Shadow63   commented 1mo+15dy ago

Bass sounds right on...