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Help me finish this collaboration. I am currently requesting uploads for the tracks listed below. Feel free to contribute.
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Creative Brief


Help me bring this song to life!

The idea behind the song is a sixteen year old kid talking to his/her therapist, narrating moments from his/her childhood. I wanted to write about the emotional distress in children caused by parents fighting physically in front of them, and how they tend to learn and copy such behaviors.



[Verse 1]

So I'm four, no six, five maybe

Huddled under sheets counting sheep, two, three

And it’s thundering but it ain’t bothering me

It’s the screaming, the slamming; It won’t let me sleep

So I play a game of pretend with Dorothy

"Wait, who's that?"

"Oh, a friend from under my bed haha, Wait a moment.”

It got too quiet for a minute

I held my breath




Just a kid I’d rather just play pretend

Just a kid

Rather not try and comprehend

Just a kid

Barely holding on


[guitar riff of the hook]


[Verse 2]

Then I was nine- nada ten- I'm almost sure

I punched a guy twice my size

Knocked out a tooth

“Wait, why?”

“I don’t know”

Next thing, I’m trembling in the staff room

My teacher calls home

Back to class, time alone

The day goes too fast

So I take the long route to make it last

I reach the doorstep, hold my breath-






And now I’m stronger and wiser

Fuck, I’m sixteen!

And I just told you the story of probably a million kids

So why am I this fucked up

Ranting to a stranger

Sitting with a notepad like she'll write a book on me




But this does not mean the song should sound sad. Hence, I think that a catchy and groovy beat would benefit the song.


The verses were written to be versatile but rap would really go well.


Anything and everything will benefit this song so help me out please :D  


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Genre Rap

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