LEAP ROGUE AND JUMP WHORE lyrics Traditional Folk

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LEAP ROGUE AND JUMP WHORE by Joel (Phonograph Version Edit)

By Yousef O
3mo+24dy ago

Hi Joel & thanks from indorsing me, 

I downloaded your track "Leap Rogue and Jump Whore" & listened to it & thought why not make a unique idea by turning the song into a vintage phonograph version.

Since your song has that authentic folkloric style, I started to work on sound design from scratch by emulating an old record, applying different saturations models & imperfection variations to the record & tried to get as close as the 1930's phonograph recordings.

I also thought why not add my recorded hand claps at the end of your song.

Hope you like my idea I might expand it further, I'm glad for such feedback or any additional idea.



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offthewall   commented 3mo+24dy ago

Hello Yousef. I have responded to your community post about this. I see no reason why you could not have uploaded your idea here to this project rather than starting another one using the work of other members. I understand what you are trying to do but this is certainly not the way to do it.. Scroll up to the top of this, or any other, page and you will see the big green UPLOAD button at the top right hand side.


Soniville   commented 3mo+24dy ago

Sorry for this I'm new at here there are some complexity in here & I'm learning things. I was asking the community about sending an edited version to the client directly but didn't get any answer. I pressed the upload button & send it to you did you see it?

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joel_sattlersongs   commented 3mo+24dy ago

You did good.

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riboslav   commented 3mo+22dy ago

Click upload button, select what type of material you're gonna upload (audio, pdf, midi). Drag and drop your work (let's say it's audio) and then select the category (sep. or mix). If it's a mix, select sub-category (scratch, mix, bedtrack or master) and you're done.