China in a Bull Shop Instrumental

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Bull In The China Shop TSTmix r1 22 07 29 Uploaded 1mo+29dy ago by TSTstudios

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TSTstudios   commented 1mo+14dy ago

Added Thomas guitar lead

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DTSUK   commented 1mo+14dy ago

Really nice mix and great lead there (genuinely) But now theres no room to fit a vocal? As an instrumental it works fine with the guitar and sax though :-)

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Echo-Project-Studio   commented 1mo+14dy ago

Dave, I am going to spin this one off to a "not instrumental" version to accommodate lyric and vocal. We'll revisit it "after" a vocal is in place. BW@

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DTSUK   commented 1mo+13dy ago

No worries Bobby, once my voice is 100% Ill drop on it unless someone else submits. Its all good!


THOMASTHOMAS   commented 1mo+14dy ago

Dave and Tom, Thank you for your comments and for allowing me the priviledge of participating. Take care Thomas

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DTSUK   commented 1mo+13dy ago

Thanks Thomas but it's Bobby's collab, we're just participants like your good self! ;-)

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DTSUK   commented 1mo+3dy ago

Oh, I submitted a Vox but on your instrumental version Bobby! Hope that's OK - if you like it then just let me know if you need it submitting here instead? Dave