Peace and Good Roads (Indie Version) Indie Rock

  Spin-off   Spun by AlexEOB

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Peace and Good Roads Mix1 2022 09 27 with drums idea Uploaded 2 months ago by Elle66

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Elle66   commented 2 months ago

Hi Alex, Joe and all, Here is a first mix of our performances including an idea for the drums. What do you think?

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AlexEOB   commented 2 months ago

Hi France, I think the vocal is extraordinarily beautiful and the new guitars sound wonderful--it's a very nice mix. I must admit, my ears are not great for hearing the hissing sound, so Joe will be able to comment on whether that has been removed better than me. With regards to the drums, I prefer your vocal and the song without them. The peace and beauty of the simpler, quieter version enhances the peace and beauty and sentiments being expressed in the lyric, song, and vocal I think. The drums take away from that peaceful, soothing feeling and mood. Just my initial thoughts. Thank you for your excellent work.

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TSTstudios   commented 2 months ago

Sorry to say but, the drums are great and well played, but do not fit this song in my opinion /Tom

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WeedOn   commented 2 months ago

I would tend agree the drums on their own are great, but they don?t fit well.


TomAzz   commented 2 months ago

I agree, they dont fit


RobbieM1966   commented 2 months ago

There is a saying of dont fix something that is not broken. The simplicity and nakedness of the song is the SONG. The drums are excellently performed but have no bearing on the integrity of the song. They simply take away from the gorgeous vocals that have attached themselves perfectly to the lyrics and feel of the music. I would love to hear this song truly polished like a gleaming diamond that it could be but there are still audio issues that needs fixing before a mix. My studio has all the tools needed if help is required. This could be even more beautiful. Kind Regards Robbie