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Mandolin and Banjo add/doodle Uploaded 2mo+19dy ago by Mandoman

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Mandoman   commented 2mo+19dy ago

Not much, and probably not the vibe you are going for, but I loved the rhythm and the drums were soo good, I couldn't pass up an opportunity. Great stufff and good luck, if you like this idea, I can give seps so you can manage tracks how ever you want.

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davidstahl   commented 2mo+19dy ago

I had a big smile on my face while listening - this is so cool! The mood / build up in the first part is wonderful. The combination of acoustic guitar finger picking and the banjo is great. And we will definitely have a short interlude solo leading into the second verse (probably doubling / extending this part). Thanks so much! And Seps would be very welcome! :-)


Mandoman   commented 2mo+19dy ago

Great to hear friend. I have a professional strings VST and can put some cello on it as well if youd like

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davidstahl   commented 2mo+18dy ago

Sounds interesting :-)