Mind of Gold Prog-Rock/Art Rock

  Spin-off   Spun by dwfreak

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MIND of GOLD with DRUMS N BASS Uploaded 2mo+2dy ago by dwfreak

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Midipunk   commented 2mo+5dy ago

I'd need a couple minutes at Tony Montana's desk to play like that, out of breath just listening haha great stuff!

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dwfreak   commented 2mo+5dy ago

Brother, nothing to be excited about this is only adding paint to get a cool wall that looks good. If they like the color we are good and if not we find another color my friend ;-) This is what Spin is all about... color match and you know it. Sanity is prime before insanity so let's get in the parade before she is gone... By the way who gives a shit just nicely saying, we love DRUMS man. Drummer's HUG bro. Stay cool. Cheers. Chris.

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dwfreak   commented 2mo+5dy ago

Remember this is 6/4 my friend ;-)


Jodeenshead   commented 2mo+5dy ago

Holy shit balls, I read the title wrong, LOL. Was inspired to write "Mind of God". Just a few thoughts and words. If you want to use or not it's all good. Haven't been around here in awhile though and miss you all.... Mind of God Is the mind of God The same as yours and mine According to the bible We were made in his image Or are we all just frauds Kind when it suits us Giving until it hurts And, tomorrow you?ll be thrown Under a god damned bus Is his heart just the same Does he want to murder and defame When we speak our blasphemy Does he wither in agony and pain Does he preach from the the pulpit The embraces of peace and love Only to turn around and condemn us With hatred and bombs He knocked up a virgin He done her wrong No wonder all the baby daddy?s Now be up and gone She was one strong bitch She showed up for her son I care about humanity I love my dog I live in a world of insanity If we was made in his image I question ?the mind of God? Words by Jodeen Clantz

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dwfreak   commented 2mo+4dy ago

Hey Jodeen thanks for creating lyrics my friend. The only comment would be that there is 3 topics that I do not like to talk about and that would be politics, money and religion so Mind of God does not work for me but if you can work something out regarding Gold in mind of gold perspective with what you have now that would be cool. If not that's all good man and thanks for all ;-) Cheers. Chris.

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Midipunk   commented 2mo+4dy ago

Great policy, have said those very words myself. No politics, religion or money amongst family & friends.


Jodeenshead   commented 2mo+4dy ago

Writing for me compiles all the crap that swirls around in my head. Sometimes it lays to rest all the angst that bubbles up inside. A few bars of music has a way to bring it out, so that I am able soothe my feeble mind and move on. There were 2 more verses that I opted to omit. Maybe I should have added what I would call the other side of my warring feeble mind. If you can't use it, it's all good. I'm easy that way. These are just musings From a another jaded adult We should do better Yet, we do naught ONLY When I look into a child?s eyes No pure innocence lost I see nothing but perfection and love That?s when I NO longer Question the ?mind of God?

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RGBass   commented 2mo+5dy ago

Well done! that kick pattern is hip. Anxious to hear what happens next:)