Stay (Idea 25) Blues-Rock

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Idea 25 moehoward mix mellotron idea scott pete Uploaded 1mo+13dy ago by moehoward

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moehoward   commented 1mo+15dy ago

Here's a mix with Scott's bass and Pete's drums. Hand up, I re-tuned your bass up 0.15 semitones, it just sounded a little like it was a little bit flat to me, really hope you don't mind, but then again, it might very well be all me. I added some old school mellotron strings too.


Swisenbaker   commented 1mo+14dy ago

Sounds great, dig the strings. Appreciate the retuned bass, not surprising it went a little flat. One I start recording I typically go for hours and sometimes really punish my strings. Have actually broke a number of stings even though they say you can’t really break bass strings. You can.

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josematurell   commented 1mo+15dy ago

!Very nice!