Wilderness of Pain Metal

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Wilderness of Pain Verse You choose to feel pain You choose to hate You want to control my brain You can take away my pain Verse Running hiding from the truth Your brain is full with pain Your eyes are filled with madness I feel the strain as you pull me under Pre-Chorus Never felt safe with you before I can reflect and live with my regrets I don¯t want be part of your horrors When you're gone I feel free Chorus Witness the sound of fear which is near Reeling from the wilderness of pain¯ What you say makes no difference The pleasure is to play Verse Thinking for myself Revealing the mystery That handcuffs me Prevents my freedom Bridge You are harsh in the light of pain You are my agony¯ Do you remember my pain? I'm way too good at hurting Verse The worst scene of a memory Roads circling around my head Wanting to know if I should¯ I know I can¯t Outro it¯s over now I can't find The soreness Without you

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