Hopelessly in Love Teen Pop

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Hopelessly in Love Uploaded 2mo+15dy ago by insanereality

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insanereality   commented 2mo+15dy ago

Had this doing nothing on my hd, and thought could this work for this song?


Krisz2001   commented 2mo+15dy ago

hi :) I really like it as a music. But i would need something more slower, as the meaning of the song is way deeper. Actually it is fitting with the lyrics. And i can imagine using this too.

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insanereality   commented 2mo+12dy ago

Thanks, as usual use all/some/none :)


Krisz2001   commented 2mo+12dy ago

I'm afraid i don't understand what you said. I'm new here. That was the first lyrics that i uploaded here.

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insanereality   commented 2mo+11dy ago

I ment if you choose to use it, it's ok. If you use part of it, it's ok. If you decide to toss it, that is ok :) Just ideas floating around, sometimes they hit, sometimes don't, all good.


Krisz2001   commented 2mo+11dy ago

I think it is good so yeah i would like to use it :)