Shes a little bitch song lyrics by Ruslan Troknyuk 60 bpm IDM/Experimental

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She's a little b*tch song lyrics 
by Ruslan Troknyuk

I am going to smack your snooty little ass 
And you beg me like a good, humble little girl to stop.
I liked this. I enjoyed the sound of my fist 
Hitting the meaty part of your ass.
Maybe you are not completely hopeless, baby
Maybe you want to be obedient. 
Let's find out.
Lay down on the floor for me... 

Are you a good girl? No
That bitch, that bitch, that little f*cking bitch
I Let her play her little mind games
She kept staring at me
You have been a very bad girl, Natalie
That bitch, that bitch, that little f*cking bitch
That bitch, that bitch, that little f*cking bitch

Good, now spread your legs as wide apart as you can.
I gently pinched your clit to wake you.
I took a big gob of cream, split your ass, and spread it all over and inside your butt. I then covered my middle finger and gently inserted it as far up your ass as it would go.

"Ok Natalie, you are all better now. No permanent damage done. Licking your tits and ass, and cunt made me hard. Kneel down here and suck my cock. I want to cum in your hot little mouth."

It was obvious now that you had been playing me for a fool. You had not changed, you was not obedient. 
With that single word of denial you showed
That you was not broken yet.

You are going to do this, accept it!
Get your pants off. I want to taste how wet you are
Make sure you wiggle that glorious, round, juicy little ass at them before following me inside for the butt fucking of your life.


Let's find out.
Lay down on the floor for me... 
I panted as Iimpaled her sweet hole to the core.

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