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Ok, so this is a bit unconventional for me.  As with much of the music I write, I generally do a quick scratch track with the acoustic guitar plugged in (cardinal sin for professional recording) and sing in the ol' mic at the same time that I'm strummin' away.  Well the scratch track actually came out ok, which never, ever happens.  I mean sure, you're gonna' hear some funky phasing issues from the plugged in acoustic bleeding into the vocal mic.  Oh, not to mention that fact that my geetar sounds very unmanly, as I have recently transitioned to Nashville tuning to better accommodate my live project.  But anyhow, it doesn't really matter anyhoo, because Raven is singin' on the tune, and she has this uncanny ability to make any tune sound amazing :)  As always, she managed to turn my very quaint and humble project into something ear pleasing.  I've been trying to stray from "full productions", so I guess with this project, I'm somewhat weening myself off, as the whole cold turkey approach was somewhat unobtainable.  No click, tempo is variant, key is subjective.  If ya' got sumpin' good to add, please feel free.  Caught up with a lot of live stuff these days, but I promise I'll get to it as soon as I can.  Thanks for listening!

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