Love Grows - Version A (with James Ryce) Pop/Rock

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Creative Brief

A little piano ballad I wrote in August 2012, brought to life by John Scunziano (lyrics) and James Ryce (vocals). There is another version with a different singer in the works too.

Edit 14 June 2014: By now we have a sax track by Peter Harp, bass by Alberto (Victor_HP), and a couple of acoustic guitar tracks by Henry Mittnacht! :)

Edit 20 June 2014: I added dry versions with all three singers (James Ryce, Errol Chugg, Billy Wade)

Edit 07 June 2017: The two other versions have been archived. I want to concentrate on James' version in this project.

All we need are drums!



A | A   | C#m | C#m
D | D/E | A   | A


A | A   | C#m | C#m
D | D/E | A   | Esus4
A | A   | C#m | C#m
D | D/E | A   | A7


Dmaj7/9 | Dmaj7/9 | Dm7/9 | Dm7/9
A       | D       | A     | A7
Dmaj7/9 | Dmaj7/9 | Dm7/9 | Dm7/9
E       | A/E     | D/E   | E


C#m | C#m | F#m | F#m
E   | E   | E   | E
D   | D   | A   | A
D   | D   | E   | E
D   | D   | A   | A
C   | C   | D   | E

Additional Information

Genre Pop/Rock Key A major BPM 128.0 Ballad Pop

Collaboration started February 8, 2014 by stoman
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Copyright © 2014 by stoman, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Feb 8, 2014

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VonNeumannStraBe Alberto P
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blaze345 Bill McCarthy
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