Come Crashing(Cover,Duet) Indie Rock

Started by HumairaS, © All Rights Reserved 2014



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fresh727   commented 7yr+3mo ago

Great lyrics!!!!! Do you have an instrumental track with your vocals...I'll have a crack at this duet with you!


HumairaS   commented 7yr+3mo ago

They are indeed great lyrics, not mine(I'm doing a cover) but still great. The original song is linked in the description. I'm currently in the process of trying to find as much talent as I can to help create an instrumental, since I can't make one(can't play drums, bass, etc) but once a track has been made, I'd love to have a go at singing this with you. Thank you!


fresh727   commented 7yr+3mo ago

You got it! Keep me posted and maybe try rollingthunder for a rock kinda vibe, Tylure_D for an electronic vibe, Nicola for a lounge kinda of vibe (though that Italian can write ANY kind of music!!!) TheScreamingMatch or Fretbuzz for ethereal rock, Four04 for ambient, rock or techno, or even Gemini for SUPER talented piano work. Any of those guys could put a comprehensive canvas together if they dig your project. Send out some invites, PM's or vibes...all of those guys are totally responsive, all pro and great folks to work with if they are into your project ideas. There are additionally MANY more talented guys but you gotta start somewhere! : )