William Country Blues

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William 02 Uploaded 6yr+12mo ago by dazzos

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dazzos   commented 6yr+12mo ago

An attempt at a mix incorporating Raul's drums and Percussion. I will probably give it one more go, but I think I may hand this over to someone more capable than me to mix, as I don't think I can do it the justice it deserves. Listening through again and with each track in isolation has left me awe struck. You guys are amazing. The song makes me want to weep and jump for joy all the same time. Nate, your vocal is perfect in every sense, I know you have laid down some mind bending performances, but this to me is your most spectacular, the emotion of the performance hits me to the core every time, no matter how many times I listen. The rest of you guys, well just amazing. Thanks

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FIGSOUNDS   commented 6yr+12mo ago

Beautiful mix Darren ! Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of your amazing music !


Staffan   commented 6yr+12mo ago

Really really good song guys :)